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Things We Said Today

“Each night when the stars come out, you pick one and you name it for me, eventually I will see the trail across the sky to where to find you”


It was the summer of 2015 and I was off for a 16k run on my usual route, I was only a km from home when the words and melody for verse 1 came to me sync’d into the beat of my running pace. I had to decide to either bail on the run and go home and write these words down or to continue, I continued singing the verse over and over for 15 more kms along with a chorus and some ideas for verse 2. I already had an idea for a Samsung phone commercial in my head as I wrote and played the song.


Unlike many of these songs that have 10…20 and 30 year history, Things We Said Today, was measured in months. I quickly assembled the chords and the remaining lyrics and brought it to the band, Lisa immediately liked it, but Rob knowing he might have to remember a new bass line wasn’t quite as excited. It was left for a bit while we had more pressing matters. I would continue to play it on the acoustic all summer, and in the winter with a newly acquired Beat Buddy drum machine, would decide on the final arrangement.

Producer’s Note:

“The off beat Gibson halfway thru the verses, the guitar break and all the drums work and the bass line and the vocals, so I suppose, all of it”

Recording Notes:

A good version exists at tempo 158, but with a completely different jazzy feel on the drums. Something was missing and we bumped up the tempo to 192 with Lisa doing a completely different drum line. This also presented the chance to have a short instrumental break to allow me to catch my breath and give the otherwise very short song some definition.

The offbeat guitar posed an issue for Rob so it was muted for his bass recording. Of all the songs, Things We Said Today
caused Rob the biggest headache as I pushed and pushed for him to create something more exciting, something special. It is my second favourite bass line and yet the simplest for him.

Everything, other than the bass, came easy with this song, the guitars and vocals were all 1 or 2 takes. In fact the vocals were sample practice takes that I realized I couldn’t do any better. Mixing went even easier and the Final Mix was just the 2nd one. I had Lisa and Rob listen and said “ I think it is done?”, they agreed.