Lunchbox Social

Lazy Cat

©2016 Leo Troy

Well this song came to me, straight from the heart
Didn’t make up the words, cause I live the part
I’ll keep it short and I’ll hold the refrain
If you like it, tell me and I’ll play it again

I look at you, well, you look away
I know a smile ain’t too far away
And I’ll know tomorrow, what I don’t know today
That if I was blind, would you stay with me

Lazy Cat sitting out in the sun, I’m working on my life, what you been working on
It’s just the same old song, come in here, and tell me where did I go wrong

I got you now, would you say
That I got all that I’ll need to take
With me as far as I want to be
Would you leave, would you run away with me

I’ve been cold and lonely for so long
With a hole in my head, the pain gets in, my memory is gone

I looked up to the stars, I’ve cried in the sea
I knelt on the earth, and I hugged some trees
Don’t ask me what I was thinking of
Know when I’m with you I feel love

Chorus, Bridge, V4, Chorus, V1