Lunchbox Social

No Word Of A Lie

© 2017 Leo Troy

Once storm clouds filled my eyes, how I cried
And they rained down on my heart, the tears came very hard
The dreams I dreamt had died, though I tried
Any hope that was in vain, the truth betrayed the pain
With nothing left to do I, I walked into you

The dawn and the morning, a new day
In your smile I see sunshine, in your eyes I see my face
While I lay beside you, the bare truth
With all I have become now, is all because of you
In what I did believe you, you believed in me

In the dark I call you, you answer back my name
Knowing that you’re there will let me dream again
You mended my broken wings (dreams), if I could I’d bring you the sky
Listen to my breathing and let it guard your sleep
For you I live, for you I’d die, that’s no word of a lie

And when I brave the unknown, all alone
In the big game I’m a pawn, with the wolves I’m a fawn
I pray that I’ll see your hand, waive me home
It’s the thread that I hold onto, to carry my life through
If it’s the very last thing I do, be the very last thing I do

Chorus (repeat)