Lunchbox Social


Lunchbox Social was formed around Factor Award winner (songwriter) Leo Troy. These songs, inspired by the world around him, are a timestamp of struggle and perseverance; the little victories won every day, the driving desire to chase down another mile, and to say all you can, three minutes at a time…

Formed in 1997, LBS played the Toronto, Canada club circuit well into the millennia before a long break to rebuild and retool.
With its diverse members from different backgrounds, and various musical influences, the band brings together a unique sound all their own.

Life before Lunchbox Social

In the early 90s, as “The Resistance”, the band recorded a ten song self-titled album and a two song EP. With Darko Gavrilovic (lead guitar), James Conner (lead vox), Leo Troy (guitar, vocals), Peter Mumford (bass) and Tony Serwatuk (drums), the band played almost every club in the Greater Toronto Area until disbanding in the mid 90s.

LBS – The Early Years (1996 – 2003)

After The Resistance, Tony, Darko, and Leo decided to make another go of it. It was at this time that Tony suggested that Leo take over lead vocals since, as he put it, “No one can sing your songs like you can”. Shortly thereafter Tony would also part ways, but his influence remained for a long time. In June 1997, Rob Sethi came to audition as bassist, and despite his pretentious car and unsolicited musical arrangement suggestions, he was an instant fit. With an array of drummers, the band began working their way around the club circuit. In 1999, Rolf Feisel stepped behind the drum kit just as the band had been assembling songs for recording their first CD. Lunchbox Social produced and released two albums: “Expensive Mistakes” (2000) & “The Relentless Pursuit of the Hard Life” (2002) while continuing through the GTA club circuit. The band’s stickers became part of the urban landscape on Queen Street between Victoria Park Ave and Bathurst Street and LBS was one of the very first independent bands to have a website in 1999, when social media was still in its’ infancy.

…and then they were three (2003 – 2010)

In 2003 Darko moved on to pursue other interests. Accepting the fact that Darko could never be replaced, Leo decided that LBS would continue on as a three piece, and the songs would be re-arranged with fewer instrumental breaks, more vocals and a few bass solos thrown in for good measure. While continuing to perform, the band was beginning to assemble material for its’ long awaited third CD, which was delayed due to the departure of Rolf in 2010.

A different beat (2013 – 2017)

Friend of the band (and fellow runner) Lisa Bradley, made an all too easy transition from roadie to drummer with LBS. After having set up the kit and doing the sound check at Rolf’s last show, Lisa began to fill in and brought to the songs a tempo all her own. With this new sound, the band began the long process of recording and producing the band’s third album, The King & The Killer. An almost four year journey that led to the latest chapter.

Rock and Roll is the only life I know (2018 – 2020)

Upon the release of The King & The Killer, the band would launch right back into production of recording 10 new singles. This started with the release of a Christmas song, The Wish Book along with a video.

During the recent years, Leo produced and released solo projects If You Fly and Expensive Mistakes which lead right into a brand new world of full length video productions.

The YouTube Channel Leo Troy and Lunchbox Social channel was created and has been filling up with new videos.

As for the band, over the last year, new lead guitarist Jeff Tavener has joined for both recent studio recordings and for live performances.

No Destiny No Destination (2021 – )

New singles, new videos, and new songs being written for upcoming productions.