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Only a Girl

“I remember where I was, when you, you woke me from this rust”


Somewhat ironic, I don’t actually remember where I was when this song was inspired.


Let Me In, a much different version was recorded on LBS’s 1st album, and has always been a fun workhorse, easy to play, fun to sing with various different versions over the years. As we got around to pulling it apart and rebuilding, it was Rob’s idea to have Lisa just play the ¼ note snare to my vocal alone, to give the song a 50s rock n roll dance sound. This would require a brand new chorus melody and lyrics to fit into basically a brand new song.

Producer’s Note:

“Hard to pick, so either the drums solo, the vocal that doesn’t follow the chords, or the jarring guitar in the verses”

Recording Notes:

One of the earlier songs recorded and mixed. As we had many glitches with the Tascam DP24 digital console while the good folks at Tascam staved off announcing the eventual fix for the fw bug. When the software update fixed the other songs in production, Only a Girl could not be fixed, and the master file was corrupted and the version that would have to be mastered as is and would be the only song in that format, from the 2015 recordings. This was unfortunate as during the remainder of 2015 and into 2016, the production values were going up exponentially as I learnt the console board and tricks of the trade, so it was remaining a bit lo-fi but perhaps fitting for the desire of a 50s rock n roll song. The weekend before the mastering, I decided to upload the corrupted master directory of files into the DP24, just to listen, and in about 15 seconds, it started spewing ‘file error’, I quickly stopped it before the operating system would hang and tried to delete unused files option and it worked!!! and suddenly I had a completely workable song that now only had a few days to re-record parts, and re-mix. I proceeded to delete any un-needed tracks, cleared of the click track and cloned the kick over to it so as to double the kick and pan and EQ them separate to give a wider spectrum. Now the drums would have full panning and reverb.

At the time of the bass recording, Rob had come up with this riff and it sounded so good, I asked Rob to put it into the lead-in of the song. There are 16 clicks before the song starts and I asked Rob to fit it in there, so we shoe-horned it into that very short 16 click intro space. The only song with two acoustic guitar tracks, it would be messy with two acoustics and two electrics so I decided to mute the electrics every 8 beats and unmute them on the off beat, for a very nice effect. Mixing this song was like playing the piano as my fingers were all across the console on the mute buttons bringing two basses, two electrics and two acoustics in and out, while oddly enough, the vocal faders and mutes were never touched. Only a Girl turned out very good for what I thought would not be the case given the issues with the original recording. I was happy that it was saved and upgraded as it is Lisa’s favourite song, perhaps because it is the only song with a drums solo 🙂