Lunchbox Social

Sad Times

© 2017 Leo Troy

I packed it all up, but it wasn’t sold, I had to face the facts, that it was getting old
I got down for a good look, and I fell down on my face
I stood back, to take it all in, and I fell right out, right outa place

I was lost, no desire alive, heard I was gone, before I arrived
But life goes on, like a wave rolling on the sea

See the light that burns, a moment in, now the moments gone
Feel the light that burns, feel the light that burns, a moment in the sun

She said that’s all there is, and it’s getting late
For all my thoughts on all of it, I had nothing left to say
When you open your eyes, you can’t go back down to sleep
And it wasn’t how I thought it was, and I wanted to, just wanted to scream


I ran into a ghost, from not that long ago
It sent me back, it sent me down, a sorry lonely road
I remember the past, I relive the pain
Another worthless trip, wasted down memory lane
Oh, sad times, sad times
Oh, sad times, sad times

Chorus (repeat)